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eTrackrilp is more than just a web based ILP: it provides a comprehensive suite of tools to track and monitor the learner journey. It brings together all the information into one central hub, thus providing a one-stop shop for tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysing performance against targets.



fatuma Features

  • Student ILP page with traffic light indicators
    • Contains all the key information about the learner journey, with modified versions accessible to staff, students and parents; includes ALS information
  • Progress tracking to criteria level
    • Tracks progress across a wide range of qualifications, including BTEC, NVQs, CACHE qualifications, GCSEs and A-levels
  • Detailed week-by-week attendance and punctuality information
    • Visible to staff, student and parents
  • Bksb integration
    • Imports bksb diagnostic tests and ongoing skills checks to student ILP pages
  • Moodle integration
    • Dedicated eTrackrilp Moodle Block presents eTrackrilp information within Moodle and tracks Moodle Grade Book
  • Collates Prior Qualifications
    • Information can be imported from MIS and also inputted directly into eTrackrilp
  • Target Grades
    • Initial and Aspirational Target grades may be set for all graded qualifications at levels 1, 2 and 3 – providing a framework for ensuring “stretch and challenge”
    • Targets for Level-3 qualifications may be automatically generated (based on the Prior Qualifications of students) using “Value Added” statistics from the Department for Education (removing the need to pay other providers for similar services)
  • Action Plans
    • Staff and students can set goals and plan actions to achieve them
  • Destinations tracking
    • Students input their Intended Destination and staff record Intended and Actual Destinations in relation to ILR categories
  • Work Experience tracking
    • Students log hours completed and upload evidence, prior to staff verification – automatically providing data to meet the audit and funding requirements
  • Assignment Assessment Tool
    • Allows staff to create assignments and provide feedback – to which students can respond
  • Disciplinary information
    • Disciplinary stages can be configured to meet college requirements
  • Causes for Celebration and Causes for Concern
    • These can be logged and shared with appropriate parties
  • Notes
    • Can be attached to student ILPs with configurable categories
  • Progress Review system
    • Provides a unified system for monitoring the progress of students across all the college’s courses, departments, areas of learning etc.
    • Generates high quality Student Reports which may be shared with parents and employers
  • Ability to attach files for a range of features
    • E.g for Student Notes, Action Plans, Assignment Assessment Tool, Work Experience
  • Extensive built-in reporting systems
    • Over 80 reports available
    • Includes reports on individual students, courses, group profiles, value-added performance, retention, college performance, work-experience, student destinations
  • Automatic CV generator
    • Encourages student engagement with employability skills
  • SMS messaging
    • Can be sent to groups of students or individuals
  • Pre-loaded qualifications database for easy course set-up
    • Courses can also be set up manually, e.g to include bespoke units
  • Integrates with all MIS systems including Pro-Solution, EBS and Unit-E
    • support available for data integration process if required

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