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eConsole LITE is a plug-in dashboard module for eTrackrilp, which presents key live information from eTrackrilp to teachers and managers, using attractive graphical displays.

  • The module is delivered fully populated and fully functional, with access granted to all staff, adhering to the roles and permissions system within eTrackrilp.

  • The charts, dials and graphs are dynamic and live – therefore as soon as another user updates eTrackrilp, their action will be reflected in the dashboard displays.

  • In the future, the system will be developed to also allow access to students and parents.

The full version of eConsole contains all the features of eConsole LITE, and additionally allows data to be fed into the system from a range of other systems.

  • The system is fully configurable by the college, so that the college administrator can configure what is displayed and in which tabs.

  • The system creates a comprehensive data hub for the SMT, with access granted to specific staff as desired.

  • VLE Support provide a service to create the data feeds or assist the college with creating of the data feeds from other systems.

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