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At VLE Support, we combine our teaching experience with our knowledge of IT and College management information systems (MIS) to develop our products with data integration in mind. To achieve this, we work with a number of partners who offer complementary data management systems to ensure that eTrackrilp seamlessly integrates with existing College MIS.

We are constantly reviewing and adding to our partnership portfolio to ensure that eTrackrilp builds into an all-in-one package for student data management.

Collaborative Working

VLE Support are currently working with bksb and Civica to provide an integrated solution to College MIS.

We are keen to hear from other IT providers who can offer a complementary system that would benefit from integration with eTrackrilp.

bksb Integration

bksb is the leading product in the UK for delivering and tracking Key and Functional Skills. bksb provides initial and diagnostic assessment tools in English, maths and ICT and delivers a range of e-learning resources to support the development of these skills.

Using integrated data from bksb, students can see their progress in English and maths within eTrackrilp and compare this to their academic progress on other courses. Both students and staff benefit from having all this information in one place.


Civica works in partnership with schools, academies, free schools, colleges, multi academy trusts and local authorities to enhance learning by creating innovative, fit-for-purpose ICT solutions, software and services.

VLE Support have joined with Civica to develop a direct data connection from eTrackrilp to the Civica College MIS database, REMS. For colleges that use both eTrackrilp and REMS, eTrackrilp will connect directly to REMS without the college needing to create a separate data feed. We are working on feeding data back to REMS so that the system can use eTrackrilp data in various reporting and functional features within REMS. For example, the ILR would be fed data from eTrackrilp.

The benefits to the customer is seamless integration of data,with no need for the MIS team to create and maintain the data feed. Data can be fed back to REMS, for enhanced reporting in both systems. New customers will get a package deal if they buy both products at the same time.

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