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V4.0.0.1 Update to V4.0.0.0

This release is an update to the new UI released in v4.0.0.0. It includes a number of new features as follows:

Log In As – Super Admin can now ‘login’ as another staff member. They effectively become that ID so the Audit Trail shows any actions as being carried out by them not the Super Admin. Hence the restricted permission. You have to log out to regain your ID. This will help with troubleshooting and can be used by college Super Admin staff as well as VLE Support staff.

Configuration Parameters – the eTrackrilp configuration settings are now visible on the Super Admin page – this is simply for information. Changes can only be made by VLE Support staff.

My Student Page – the first tab shown is now CFC / Disciplinary Status.

Assignments – you now have the ability to message / email the group in the same ways as the Enter Scores.

New Marking Schemes

PMD Graded.

This is essentially the same as a BTEC scheme but without the points. It allows P, M and D criteria and has UTGs. The summary grid will display the Grade achieved The ITG, ATG and the GLH and Credits.

It should be suitable for a number of courses and is particularly aimed at the UAL qualifications. These have most units with Pass criteria and some grading units with P, M and D criteria.

NQF BTEC Level 3

This is exactly the same as the QCF BTEC but used GLH for points calculation rather than Credits. It is only for the New BTEC Nationals. There is an additional field in the setup which users can set to show Internal or External units. However this is only indicative at present.

BTEC L1 Intro

This completes the BTEC change away from QCF at L1, L2 and L3. It deals with L1 BTECs and is really a L1 version of the NQF BTEC Level 3. So it has P, M and D, UTGs and points at L1.

GCSE 9-1.

Designed for the new 9-1 GCSE qualification.  The criteria thresholds are set globally by Super Admin and we have defaulted them to reflect the way that the DFE have mapped the old scales to the new.


This is specifically designed for the new CACHE diplomas. It works like the BTEC schemes with Graded Criteria and UTGs but uses A* to D grades instead of P, M and D.


Please contact support@vlesupport.co.uk to book your update to v4.0.0.1

V4.0.0.0 redesigning of User Interface

This is eTrackrilp as never seen before. We have redesigned the User Interface using Bootstrap and you will see that the screens are much clearer to read and navigate – one big change you will probably notice straight away is that your college logo is now at the bottom left of the screen rather than top right.  Also includes the Import App for 2016-17. This is phase 1 of the new UI – further changes will be made in future releases.

Please be advised that this release has been tested using IE 11 and Chrome as these are our supported platforms.

The My Students page is now much easier to navigate as there are a series of tabs which go across the page which hold relevant information.

User Conference – May 2016

Many thanks to all those who were able to attend the eTrackrilp user conference on 4th May 2016 at the IET in London.

The day went extremely well and many of the new features presented were met with great interest and excitement. The event gave us a good opportunity to catch up with our customers and to hear their views on future developments.

Thanks also to many delegates who were kind enough to submit feedback forms. Generally the feedback we received from the event was very positive. Please follow this link to see the collated feedback: Collated feedback – eTrackrilp user conference – May 2016

Do get in touch if you have any further feedback you would like to give us, or any questions arising from the presentations.

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