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New SMS functionality in v3.0.12 of eTrackr

eTrackr v3.0.12.0

VLE is pleased to announce the release of V3.0.12.0 with a new version of the SMS system, which is built into eTrackr. The existing SMS system will continue to operate as it currently does, but customers now have the opportunity to upgrade to the new version  - please contact VLE Support for details of costings.

What’s New in SMS V2?

The new system enables students to reply to text messages and for staff to have a two way text conversation with individual students.

  • Students can reply to text messages, which will then appear on the screen in eTrackr.

SMS reply

  • You can send individual and group text messages. When you message a group you have the option to deselect certain students. Once sent, these messages will appear instantly in the individual SMS dialogue pop-ups on the student pages.

SMS group

  • You can also message a whole course (if the course contains fewer than 60 students)

SMS course

  • There is also a full audit trail of all messages sent and received.

Please contact VLE Support for more information about this new functionality and about how to upgrade.

Latest release

VLE Support are pleased to announce the latest release of eTrackr. Version 3.0.11.x features more fantastic developments:

  • Automatically generated target grades. This target-setting feature is designed to generate Initial Target Grades (ITGs) for courses which are linked to graded qualifications at level-3 and is based on a statistical model.When you generate L3VA Grades, the Initial Target Grades (ITGs) are automatically generated for eligible students. For more information please download this document: L3VA Help File
  • Bulk Progression Audits. We have updated the Progression Audit screen using the same type of layout as Destinations and Work Experience to make it easier to navigate and enter data in bulk or by individual student.Using the chevron tabs above the table expands the display to show either Previous Progression Audits for all students, or to enter comments for all students.
  • New Reports. The latest version features some new reports and a number of updates to existing reports. The new reports are:
    • S032  – Analysis of the Performance of Students on ‘A’ and ‘AS’ level Qualifications
    • S076 – Main Course Performance of Students on a Tutorial Course

New Features in eTrackr

eTrackr version 3.0.10 contains a number of new features:

1)      Assignment Assessment Tool – You can now set up assignments in eTrackr, combining criteria from different units, and mark assignments leaving comments that are visible to students.

2)      Work Experience – Students and staff can now track Work Experience in eTrackr, with the onus placed on students to record their work experience and provide evidence of what they have done, which staff can then verify.

3)      Disciplinary – Wording and number of disciplinary categories is now configurable by administrators in order to suit your specific needs.


Please visit our new userguide site for more information and for video tutorials:


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