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Feedback from the User Conference

Many thanks to all those who attended the eTrackr User Conference at South and City College of Birmingham on 16th April. The majority of the feedback forms were extremely positive. For example, 87% strongly agreed and 9% agreed that the conference provided useful information about recent and forthcoming developments of eTracker, and 100% either strongly agreed or agreed that the conference provided effective opportunities to share good practice.

All of the developments discussed were deemed to be very useful to colleges, with an average point score above 4 out of 5 for all new features (where a score of 5 denoted very useful).

We were also grateful for those delegates who suggested some improvements for future events, which we will do our best to implement for next time.

You can download a full breakdown of delegates’ views here:

eTrackr User Conference – survey results

eTrackr Dashboard and other new features

We are preparing for the release of eTrackr version, which will contain a new eTrackr Dashboard, further integration with bksb, target setting facilities and a number of new reports. This version has already undergone extensive testing on our demo site and has now been released to two customers for further testing with live data.

The new version will also herald the release of the eTrackr Dashboard – which will provide a live data feed of key statistics to a front page. The eTrackr Dashboard will be released as an additional module to eTrackr – and will also be available for use as a standalone product.

A release date for Version will be announced soon. Meanwhile, please download this document to see some screenshots and further information about the new features.

eTrackr new features February 2015

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team here at VLE Support.

New Release for eTrackr

We continue to develop eTrackr and it now has a wider range of reports and a greatly improved facility for reporting and analysis with over 50 new reports all exportable to Word, Excel and PDF.

New features include:

  • eTrackr Moodle block
  • CFCs enhanced emailing feature
  • Global Personal and Learning Support Tutors
  • Fully refactored and faster system
  • Additional Learner Information block

To improve our customer support service we’ve introduced a new support desk system which includes live chat.

We’ve also developed our training service and there are now a number of different training sessions available for different types of user.

September Release

The latest release for eTrackr, due in September, will have a host of new features and reporting facilities. This new release has been developed in conjunction with user feedback to ensure that it provides the best system for student target setting, tracking and reporting.

New features include:

Advanced reporting features, including a new group profile report which will show the student photo, initial assessment and diagnostic results.

  • The introduction of new attendance data which will provide attendance on a week by week basis and also at enrolment level, along with associated reports.
  • Attaching of files to CFCs (Concerns and Celebrations), Action Plans and Notes
  • A new target-setting facility that will focus on stretch and challenge, and will work on all course types where applicable.
  • Adding an additional field to the Progress Audit to set a ‘working at’ grade which will be used to compare against both initial and Stretch & Challenge target grades.
  • New or improved marking schemes for GCSEs, Cache, A levels and New BTEC Firsts.
  • A bksb new diagnostic ILP and a new method of monitoring progress by using their online learning and testing features, and more comprehensive and detailed work with bksb to extend the data integration and tracking of functional skills.

For more information about eTrackr, or to enquire about training, please CONTACT US

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